OUR Services

The predominant cause of death in Thalassemia patients is due to iron overload. Noor Thalassemia Foundation not only provides free of cost blood transfusions but also provides the medication for management of chronic iron overload to the suffering patients. Apart from managing iron overload, Noor Thalassemia Foundation also takes care of patient’s complete monthly blood reports, miscellaneous medical expenses, provides advisory services to patients and their families, educating medical professionals and helps in spreading general public awareness.

Throughout the year, Noor Thalassemia Foundation organizes blood camps to meet requirements of its patients as well as to donate blood bags to other Government & Non-Government Organizations in the hours of emergency. Ensuring blood transfusion through 100% effective screening is of prime importance to us. We screen each drop of blood through ELISA test before transfusing it to a patient’s body. Installed with a modern Lab Testing facility and having a team of PMDC qualified doctors and paramedical staff, Noor Thalassemia Foundation works tirelessly to achieve its goals & objectives.

Anyone can contact Noor Thalassemia Foundation to get free counseling on thalassemia and other related blood disorders. We also encourage general public to contribute towards the noble cause of eradicating Thalassemia from Pakistan. Mentioned below are some of the major services we offer:

  • Safe Blood Transfusion Services
  • Public Awareness to prevent Thalassemia & other blood disorders
  • Medication for management of chronic iron overload
  • Management of patient’s complete monthly blood reports & miscellaneous medical expenses
  • Carrier Screening
  • Genetic Counseling & Advisory Services
  • Prenatal Diagnosis/Mutational Analysis
  • Blood Collection by means of organizing Blood Camps
  • Providing Blood Bags to other Government & Non-Governmental Organizations in hours of emergency