Noor Thalassemia Foundation, Laboratory is a full service laboratory serving patients and doctors all over Pakistan. All our Laboratory facilities are equipped with the latest machines, instruments and technologies. Laboratory testing involves a complex set of procedures, equipment, technology and human skills in order to ensure accurate and timely results which doctors depend on for making diagnostic and treatment decisions. Given this complexity, any error occurring in any part of the laboratory cycle, from ordering tests to reporting, interpreting and reacting to results can translate into real harm for patients. We adopt a Total Quality Management System that helps ensure our laboratories establish, manage and monitor a testing process that provides an appropriate qualitative approach for patient testing care services. We regularly participate in External Quality Assurance Programmes for all available tests on our clinical laboratory menu.

Besides providing clinical services the faculty and technical staff members working with the Clinical Laboratories are aggressively involved in Laboratory based medical research and teaching. They also conduct Continuing Medical Education (CME) programmes nationwide not only for students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, but also for the medical physician community at large.

Usman Inam
Designation: Lab Incharge
Education: B.S (MLT), M.Phill
Institute: Minhaj University

Amir Shahzad
Designation: Medical Lab Technician
Education: B.S (MLT)
Institute: University of Health Sciences Lahore

Ali Hassan
Designation: Lab Technician
Education: F.SC (MLT)
Institute: Institute of Public Health

Muhammad Yousaf
Designation: Lab Technician
Education: Diploma in Medical Lab Technician
Institute: Punjab Medical Faculty

Laboratory Highlights