Marketings Department

Focusing marketing to the domains of raising awareness and raising funds might have been enough to get by in the past, but it’s not enough today. When marketing is at its best, and when it is fully integrated into our strategic plans, it makes it possible for our organizations to serve those in need and advocate for policy changes that improve their wellbeing. It makes it possible for us to build valuable networks and encourage markets to work in our favor. It makes it possible for us to inspire evangelists today, sustain our impact tomorrow, and continue to adapt into the future.

We will therefore treat marketing as a core mission support function. We’ll stop confining marketing to the realms of raising awareness and raising funds, and integrate it into every single goal we set. And we’ll even go a step further. We’ll recognize that marketing can do more than just advance our own organizations’ goals; it can change the very behaviors, social norms and societal ills that make our work necessary and relevant in the first place. We know that marketing is so much more than a tool for fundraising and awareness building. We believe that marketing can support every goal Noor Thelesima sets, from recruiting volunteers, to building.

  • Blood Donation
  • Camp arranging in different universities and colleges

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