Nursing Department

Along with doctors, the most important players in patient care are nurses.Their role cannot be overemphasized. As industry leader, Noor Thalassemia Foundation believes that any compromise on the quality of nursing can lead to undesired outcome regarding patient care. Noor Thalassemia Foundation regularly invests in improving its nursing services to ensure that our patients get the highest possible care and patient experience.

Nursing management has developed key performance indicators and encourages participation of nurses in internal and external audits for quality assurance to promote evidence based practices. Nursing Education Services Department (NES) regularly offers our nursing staff educational and training programs for continuous professional development and quality management.

Iram Shahzadi Nursing
Head Nurse

Seher Majeed
B.S Nursing
Staff Nurse

Saman Majeed
B.A Continus + midwifery (LHV) course
Staff Nurse

Nursing Highlights


Purple voil sample for CBC grouping. Red voil for cross match, This card contain complete information of patients