Nursing Department

Along with doctors, the most important players in patient care are nurses.Their role cannot be overemphasized. As industry leader, Noor Thalassemia Foundation believes that any compromise on the quality of nursing can lead to undesired outcome regarding patient care. Noor Thalassemia Foundation regularly invests in improving its nursing services to ensure that our patients get the highest possible care and patient experience.

Blood Donation Services

Besides the continuous need of financial support from kind hearted persons & organizations, Noor Thalassemia Foundation desperately requires the sustainable supplies of the healthy blood for its patients suffering from different blood disorders. Donating blood is one of the easiest ways to help save lives. In fact, each pint of blood donated can save up to three lives! All you have to do is make an appointment. In case you are interested to donate blood, please contact us on +92-42-337429047 & +92-42-337429048 or via submitting the blood donation form.

Admin & Accounts Department

Noor Thalassemia Foundation Admin and Finance Department is being run by seasoned professionals and we are continuously thriving very hard to improve our processes and automate our processes. The Admin & Finance Team optimizes our growth, while aiming for long-term value creation. They drive our growth platforms, supports our operational pillars, leverages our competitive advantage and always delivers.

Marketing Department

Focusing marketing to the domains of raising awareness and raising funds might have been enough to get by in the past, but it’s not enough today. When marketing is at its best, and when it is fully integrated into our strategic plans, it makes it possible for our organizations to serve those in need and advocate for policy changes that improve their wellbeing. It makes it possible for us to build valuable networks and encourage markets to work in our favor. It makes it possible for us to inspire evangelists today, sustain our impact tomorrow, and continue to adapt into the future.


Noor Thalassemia Foundation, Laboratory is a full service laboratory serving patients and doctors all over Pakistan. All our Laboratory facilities are equipped with the latest machines, instruments and technologies. Laboratory testing involves a complex set of procedures, equipment, technology and human skills in order to ensure accurate and timely results which doctors depend on for making diagnostic and treatment decisions. Given this complexity, any error occurring in any part of the laboratory cycle, from ordering tests to reporting, interpreting and reacting to results can translate into real harm for patients. We adopt a Total Quality Management System that helps ensure our laboratories establish, manage and monitor a testing process that provides an appropriate qualitative approach for patient testing care services. We regularly participate in External Quality Assurance Programmes for all available tests on our clinical laboratory menu.